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1. First let me hear your introduction for our readers as poet when you born and where?
Tell about your parents..? And little about your family?

Well, I was born in Surat but did my schooling in St. Joseph’s E. T. High School, Valsad. After which I went to Wadia College in Pune.

My parents were wonderful people, as any offspring will say. They instilled extra-ordinary values in all of us (four sisters, one brother). They were way ahead of their times and I remember how they drilled the attitude of gratitude in us from a very young age. They were also environment conscious and right from the time we were very small we were taught to conserve water and electricity. Any wastage was reprimanded. At that time (half a century back) we used to think they were unnecessarily strict with us but today we are very proud of them and grateful to have been blessed with such great parents. They were both very fond of reading too. My maternal grandfather’s home always had lots of books and magazines. During school days my most favourite magazine was the Reader’s Digest and it has remained so till the present time.

My late husband was always very encouraging and supportive. I have two beautiful daughters.

2.Originally whats your profession..? Why you opted to connect your self with English Literature..?
Any deep reasons for it..? Anybody inspired you to take up poetry as hobby...?

I trained as a teacher but always had a deep love for English Literature and great respect for all languages. Unfortunately, due to familial circumstances, I could not attain my dream of getting a doctorate in English Literature.

3.When u started writing Poetry..? Where it got first published..? How was your feeling when you saw your
work in print..? To whom you showed it first..?

Incidentally, my first poem titled A Beggar was written in partnership with a class mate in school. She had written the poem to be published in the Silver Jubilee Commemorative Magazine of our school. She wanted me to help her improve it, so I helped her with a few rhymes and added a stanza. So she was the one who first inspired me.

Immature as the poem was, at that time it felt a great achievement to see it in the school magazine with our joint names.

After that my poems were first published in as late as in 2000 and later in the print magazine Poets International brought out from Bangalore. Then there have been numerous websites and anthologies in which my poems have been published.

4.Whats your style of writing poetry..Like free verse/met verse or any others..?You are also Haiku Poet..
which u like most?

I mostly write free verse, but I have written rhyming verse, tried sonnets, a villanelle and experimented with other genres too. Yes, I have also worked with the Japanese forms where I have written more Tanka than Haiku and have been fortunate to see some of them published in prestigious online magazines.

There is also another innovative form of poetry that I write with Avril Meallem (Israel). It is a collaborative form that we have chosen to call Tapestry. I have immensely enjoyed this poetry in collaboration. It has been a great learning experience. More can be read about it at


5. How many poems so far you have written ..Any publications till date.?

I honestly don’t know, but they aren’t that many. Not counting the Haiku and Tanka or the Tapestry poems, the number might be about 250 + poems.

Yes, I have just published my own book of poems titled “Whispers of the Soul”

6. I observed many of your poems are with the content of Environment conscious ...Any
reason behind this..?

. As I said earlier, preserving the environment, respecting nature, caring for Mother Earth, water and electricity conservation, were all part of our early training at home. Being a poet yourself, you will understand that one cannot remain oblivious to and silent about what is happening around one. A poet becomes almost duty-bound to write about issues at large. Silence is golden, but at times silence can be interpreted as a quiet nod to what is not acceptable for the good of this earth and society. Such silence can be dangerous. Certain issues need to be addressed honestly but without being judgmental.

7. Any of your writings are meant for specific sector in the society..Like Kids ,Women ,Any other..?

Well, I haven’t written much for kids, except for a few short stories, but yes women’s issues are very close to my heart and I have written about them. With all the strides society has made, emancipation for women has been only in certain pockets. A lot has changed for the better but far more needs to change. Some issues have only had a superficial face-lift but remain unchanged, discriminatory at the core. It is very sad that in many societies and cultures, women are still second class citizens, victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse.
I have also written a series of articles on Women Poet Saints of India.

8. Do you write only Poetry or Short Story, Novel Like..?
Not novels, but I have written some short stories and a few articles. Most of it has been published on

9.What’s your achievement in the field of Poetry, Like awards rewards?
I cannot make a claim to many awards. My poems have won a few first prizes; also some honourable mentions. I also won a trophy in 2008 from Poets International for a paper I presented in the seminar held at Bangalore. It was on World Brotherhood, Love and Peace through Poetry. For me the greatest achievement is the encouragement and critical appreciation I have received from my dear fellow poets on and There are other web journals where I have posted my work And the greatest reward is a poem that touches a chord in the readers’ minds, making them a part of the journey of the poem.

10.Tell about your participation of National /International events in this field..?

So far I have attended the 2008 seminar at Bangalore and Hyderabad Literary Festival in 2010. In the same year there was a Haiku Meet held here in Pune which also I had attended.

11.Whats your latest writing project..? Describe it and when its going to be ready for our readers?

The latest project is a poetry book entitled “Tapestry”. Avril Meallem, my poetry partner and I have anthologised all our Tapestry poems in it. It is with the publishers currently and we hope it will be out in a few months time.

12.Any of your writings got translated in to other Indian/ International languages..?

A very few of my poems have been translated into Telugu.

13.What’s your favorite Print Journal ? Web journal..Why..?

I don’t have a favourite poetry print journal. Amongst web journals I like, which is a very comprehensive, informative and interesting literary magazine. Another one of my favourites naturally is I got my first break through it and have also made great friends on both these sites. I cannot forget for its fantastic content issue after issue.

14.Who is your favorite Poet ..? Which book inspired you a lot ? Have you edited any ..?

This is a very difficult question to answer. I have read so many wonderful poets; to pick out one as a favourite would be impossible. I love and have been influenced by so many
Rumi, Khalil Gibran, Rabindranath Tagore, Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Bob Dylan, Maya Angelou, Rainer Maria Rilke…I could go on endlessly.

Amongst the countless number of books I have read to date the most inspirational has to be Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.

15.Do you have any life ambition to be achieved in this field..?
I have no ambitions as such. But I do have a hope, a wish, a prayer that somewhere, someone reading something I have written will find love, hope and courage. That others will find peace and joy through my words; then they will not have been written in vain.

Thank you very much for accepting to do this Interview..

I thank you for giving me this opportunity.

(As per the request of author no pics are placed..)

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