Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Slowly I open the life and look into
There I find my self split into numerous shadows…
I touch the warm bubbles of blood therein
And I feel as if broken into pieces
I wade through life as half dead
Feeling lonesome , solitary in a crowd
Having a monologue in a language
I apply to myself
Blinking eyes
I stay here like a dog on leash
I am a loner in the crowd
For that matter you, me, he, and all of us…
Different may be
Our ways
Our languages
Our problems
And our thoughts too may be different
But ours is an ancient humanistic outlook
Let us be together
As I know you
And as you comprehend me
Let us live becoming one along with humanity
Placing heart to heart lets turn into a garland of hearts
For we are the wounded
If you call me to live together
I shall spread my dreams in welcome
Yours may be revolution or rebellion
A battle or an internecine feud
To make your dreams true
You may divide the thresholds
But I remain as the roof of the house..

Different may be
Our nations
Our borders
And our communities may be different too

Bearing the same color blood
We are all born from the world’s womb
All the minutes I live I would sacrifice for a peaceful world
The property I have all
Is just the mad courage of love..!

To touch me coming from global family
One must be the personification of love
To shake hands with me
One must have bathed in the
Oceans of beauty of harmonious love and life.!

Telugu original: hridaya haaram by Perugu Ramakrishna
English translation: jagaddhatri ,India

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thejunglepoet said...

I love your style of poetry writing. Thumb up!