Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoist the Man...!

Not the arrival of spring
But what is needed is the blooming of smiles
The robe end of soul
Ought to flutter like a white flag
In the flowing river of blood
Not as a warehouse of flesh and blood
But a vision is needed to view the man
As a tender leafy tower of friendship
If the resting places of yester years
Turn into today¢s graveyard ruins
The gardens of humanity of the day
Will turn to be desert lands of morrow
And lay shattered as fragmented dreams
In the storm of the despotic breaths
To quell the fire of hunger is scientific,
Than to create a nuclear warhead
Not the sensational news about successful cloning
It is noble to breathe fire into a lamp on the wane
The blaze of Hiroshima violence
The grief of corpses at Nagasaki
Stand as signs of clamped ban on the breath
The crushing of the young at the Tiananmen Square
And the hate ritual of corpses in Lebanon
Are undoubtedly the brutal axe blow
On the roots of humanity
What is to be achieved by killing the man?
An empire of the graves?
Or a rule of the waste lands?
Forget your identities
And come, forgetting your enmities
Chisel the man as the heir of the Christ and Buddha
Erect him as the refulgent white peak,
And hoist him as the flag of peace!

Telugu Original :Perugu.Ramakrishna
Translation :Smt,Jagaddathri,India

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