Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's here...

It’s here I breathed the first scents of earth

Slipping out of my mother’s womb

It’s here i made two roses blossom

Of my parents lips

It’s here two plus two four eyes lighted with joy

It’s here i sprouted like a seed and grew into a garden

Passing through many a spring and fall

And fell ecstatic with every smell of first rain

It’s here i read Vemana

It’s here i recited Smati

I It’s here i climbed step by step the ladder of life

It’s here I inserted every time

New C.Ds into my computer brain

And wore university degrees

It was here my love has flowed like a river

It was here my two babies ran after the ice creams in my hand

Translation:Sathyanarayana MVS

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