Wednesday, December 7, 2011

That Song…

On ocean blues
straining the heart muscles
written was that song
jana gana mana

the thuds of falling corpses
when synchronized
with the tunes of aeolian harp
played by the cruel Lord of Death
written was that song
jana gana mana

when from the other shores of the Sindhu
to the Southern shores of the Kaveri
the waves flowed with rippling sounds
of unfailing harmony
written was that song
jana gana mana

that song makes me ecstatic
those unyielding tones of land
bring me back, palm-fulls
of those moment slided into
the time’s swirling currents
jana gana mana

let me adorn my Nation with that precious crown
let me abulate my people with that nectar
and let me sing aloud that anthem
on the heart of the world
to bring back the lost peace and harmony
jana gana mana…!

Original in Telugu:Perugu.Ramakrishna,India ©*
Translation:MVS Sathyanarayana,India*

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