Saturday, May 21, 2011


I abhor your false notions
Those that turned the nations
Into human abattoirs

I condemn your cruel designs
Those that emanated from the smolder
Of your foul emotional pyres

Mind you! You’re a soul solidified
That got a breathing bode
Through a human seed
And now living in this social abode

You are not just a spill of words
Those that carry no meaning
Know that you are a sentence fully formed
With content, purpose and palpable feeling

That’s why I abhor! I condemn!
Your fanatic vanity that lusts for blood
See those crypts that grew around
Your torn ideals and dreams broken
Standing as eternal mementos
Of your failed insane credos

The hell with your dogmatism!
The hell with your fanatism!
LO! I hereby declare
My rebel against your meaningless rebellion
My revolt against your human bomb religion ...

Telugu Original: Perugu.Ramakrishna,Nellore(India)

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