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1.Vinitha, First let me hear your introduction for our readers as poet when you born and where? Tell about your parents..? And little about your family?

I was born in Bikaner, Rajasthan on August 18th 1965. I was the only child and don’t particularly remember yearning for a sibling. I was happy to be in my own company and I guess in that sense the seeds of the poet in me were sown early in life. I am married and have a college-going son. I live in Delhi and can be reached at

My mother was a very warm and homely person. My father worked for the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and was posted all over India because of which I changed many schools and studied in Gujarat, Kalimpong and Kolkata. I did my B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from the M.S. University of Baroda I was a gold Medallist and a UGC Scholar at the post graduate level. I followed this with a diploma in computer programming and applications from Apple.

2.Originally whats your profession..? Why you opted to connect your self with English Literature..? Any deep reasons for it..? Anybody inspired you to take up this hobby...?

I am a professional writer and researcher and work freelance.

I was an avid reader since childhood and my inclination towards writing was a direct fallout of this hobby. Words came easily to me, more than any other form of art like painting or music etc. I can’t remember any time of my life when I wasn’t writing, even as a young child! Sometimes I felt I had more ink in my veins than blood! But admittedly I was a closet writer and would keep most of my personal writings to myself. I usually wrote research-based articles and features which were for public consumption.

3.When u started writing Poetry..? Where it got first published..? How was your feeling when you saw your work in print..? To whom you showed it first..?

I wrote poems as a young girl of five – but of course they were meaningless, silly verses on dolls etc. My early teen poems went into school magazines and bulletin boards and things like that. The first serious publication came in my mid-twenties in Femina when Kamala Das was editing their poetry page.
Of course I was very satisfied to see my work in print but I still remember that the greater satisfaction came from the fact that it was Kamala Das – a poet whom I greatly admired- who had read and chosen my piece.
I shared the news with family, but in an understated manner. That is my nature.

4.Whats your style of writing poetry..Like free verse/met verse or any others..?

I am most comfortable with the free-verse style. Rhyme is not my forte although I have attempted that genre a few times...

5. How many poems so far you have written ..Any publications till date.?

Well, maybe around 200 to 300 poems, it’s not a big number actually. I am usually stumped for subjects to write on...

My first book of poems will hopefully be published this year, i.e. 2011. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

6. I observed many of your poems are with the content of sensitive human relations...Any reason behind this..?

Human nature and its myriad facets fascinate me. Interpersonal relationships also intrigue me. I guess that is why there is more of this element in my writings. Besides, unless one has completely ‘emptied’ oneself out of all petty emotions through writing, one cannot move forward to writing about the higher realms of philosophy and spirituality.

Poetry begins with the self but should not end with the self, that is what I believe. Personally I am still in the process of ‘emptying myself out’, so to speak, and ‘miles to go before I sleep” to quote Frost.

7. Any of your writings are meant for specific sector in the society..Like Kids ,Women ,Any other..?

Women yes... they are always a key theme in my work but I rarely write about them as ‘stand-alone’ figures. My poems are more about the woman’s perspective on general issues and relationships. Nature, as a theme is a favourite with all poets but I use nature more for metaphors rather than exclusive descriptions. In general I like my poems to be rooted and rock-solid. I rarely write flimsy verses in which words exist simply because they exist in the dictionary.I like writing poetry for children and that is an area that I wish to explore further in the future.

8. Do you write only Poetry or Short Story,Novel Like..?

I write poems, articles, features and have attempted a few short stories, but no novel, no. At least not yet...

9.Whats your achievements in the field of Poetry,Like Awards Rewards?

Hardly anything worth mentioning actually... But yes once I was interviewed by a Japanese website for my work and recently museindia awarded my poem :’Ancient Trauma’ a third prize. Apart from that it makes me happy to say that my poets have been published on,,,,,,, and a few regional journals among others.

10.Tell about your participation of National /International events in this field..?

Recently my poems ‘Time’ and ‘Puppet’ were warmly applauded at the SAARC Festival of Literature 2011. This for me is a small step towards recognition.

11.Whats your latest writing project..? Describe it and when its going to be ready for our readers?

I am in the process of getting my book of poems titled “Words Not Spoken” published this year.

12.Any of your writings got translated in to other Indian/ International languages..?

A few of my poems have been translated into Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

13.Whats your favorite Print Journal ? Web journal..Why..?

Every journal, whether print or web, has its share of merits and demerits. I don’t really have any favourites as such but do admire ‘The Brown Critique’ and ‘Carte Blanche’ for the tremendous quality of work that they publish.

14.Who is your favorite Poet ..? Which book inspired you a lot ? Have you edited any ..?

I have several favourites – Byron, Keats, for their sheer creative imagination, Frost for his philosophical genius and metaphoric depiction of life and back home Kamala Das - for her brutal honesty with herself and straining it into her verses, Jayanta Mahapatra for the way he throws and collects his thoughts into every corner of physics and metaphysics in a fountainhead of poetic mastery and Nissim Ezekiel for the deliciously bland descriptions of the agonies and ecstasies of life. Tagore too is a timeless and brilliant poet. I also draw immense inspiration from Tibetan Buddhism and the preachings of The Dalai Lama.

“The Far Pavillions” by M.M. Kaye is my all time favourite book.

I have assisted in editing a book on Gandhi, written by Dr. Thomas Pantham

15.Do you have any life ambition to be achieved in this field..?

I just want to be remembered for writing good poetry.
“She went back where she came from but left behind on this earth everything that was within her” – I suppose that is what my epitaph would say if I had one!

Indian poetry Society wishes you All the Best..
Thank you very much for accepting to do this Interview..

Thank you Rama, for the honour and the pleasure of this interview!

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